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    Which size shipping container do I need for a home office?

    Thanks to societal changes and the pandemic, working from home has never been so popular – and it’s hardly surprising when you consider the benefits.

    But how do you ensure you have the space to be productive while remaining close to home?

    Join the masses ordering shipping container home offices and installing them in underutilised outdoor spaces!


    Is a recycled shipping container good for a home office?

    A recycled or converted shipping container is actually the perfect space to transform into your home office.

    For starters, while they are permanent and therefore may need planning permission, they don’t require vast amounts of groundwork and can be installed in less than a day.

    Similarly, they can be completely customised, allowing you to add important features, like:

    • Windows, doors, and skylights
    • Electricity supply
    • Built-in storage
    • WC facilities and kitchenettes
    • Finished flooring and roofing options
    • Heating and air conditioning

    These features are integral to making your home office comfortable throughout the seasons, allowing you and any colleagues to really focus and be your most productive.


    What size shipping container home office do I need?

    When shopping for a shipping container home office, you need to consider what you want to have in the space – as this will inform the shipping container size you need.

    Shipping container dimensions change as you consider larger containers, giving you more room for extras such as additional desks, WCs or kitchenettes, and consultation spaces.

    A rule of thumb followed by modern office designers states that each person should have around 50 square feet of space in total – which includes desk space, open or break-out spaces, and amenities such as WCs and kitchens.


    15ft shipping container offices

    Following that ideology, a 15ft container would give around 120 square feet of internal space, ideal for around 2 formal desk spaces.

    By utilising built-in storage, like shelves, and under-desk storage cabinets, you can easily increase the capacity of a 15ft shipping container home office further, even if you include a more relaxed seating area, doors for access, and a kitchenette/WC – creating the perfect micro-hub for business start-ups.

    20ft shipping container offices

    For those looking to add more desks, the internal dimensions of a 20 ft shipping container give 160 square feet of usable space – which is ideal for around 3 desks.

    Larger home offices like this might look to increase the available amenities, like a slightly larger kitchenette, or more room for break-out spaces, including a sofa and coffee table – but designs can be altered and tweaked depending on what your business needs.


    30ft shipping container offices

    The 30ft shipping container dimensions are a little roomier again, thanks to its increased size.

    With around 240 square feet of usable space, traditional office designers would be happy to allow for 4 comfortable desk spaces and essentials, including more spacious kitchenettes and perhaps two cubicles in the WC.


    40ft shipping container offices

    As the biggest structure we commonly offer, a 40ft shipping container boasts around 320 square feet of usable office space.

    With ample space to hold 6 desks and expansive amenities, you can be very imaginative with a space this size – including extras like small art studios or workshop spaces alongside formal desk spaces.

    For this reason, a large shipping container like this is likely to be ideal for cottage-industry businesses, including craftspeople.


    Need your own shipping container office?

    Now your ideas are percolating away, browse our range of shipping container office conversions, perfect for businesses of any kind.

    For large shipping containers for sale across the UK, used in either office conversions or anything else you can imagine, Gap Containers is here – we offer a bespoke conversion service to allow you to create the home office of your dreams, perfectly suited to your business needs.

    To chat with a member of the team, simply give us a call on 0870 240 9405. Or if you prefer, send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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