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    Are shipping containers good for storage?

    If you are drowning in clutter and have filled the cupboards and lofts of your house, you might well be looking for alternative options.

    With more people than ever working from home or using their houses for socialising and homeschooling, our domestic sanctuaries need to be versatile and clutter-free so we can utilise them effectively – but this can be hard if you are stuck moving seasonal goods and mementos from one room to another.

    If this sounds like you, consider shipping container storage for your drive or garden.


    Why choose shipping container storage to store your goods?

    With thousands of used storage containers for sale across the country, converting a shipping container into your family’s bespoke storage facility can be a simple and easy way to clear some space in your main house, especially if you are looking to convert your loft space into something more usable, like an additional bedroom or office.

    So, why choose shipping container storage?

    • Handy location

    Self-storage in Liverpool or your local area can offer boundless storage potential and even come with extras like free tea and coffee – but you are usually tied into a yearly contract and have to travel to get there.

    At-home shipping container storage might not come with the free tea and coffee, but it can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, without having to travel.

    This means that you can access stored items and add more whenever is convenient for you – so you’ll never be caught out by unseasonal weather and costume parties again!

    It is also ideal for sharing with other family members or friends, which can also help fund the purchase of your storage shipping container!

    • Weatherproof

    As they were designed to cross the seas and protect the cargo within from storms and sea swells, used shipping containers make excellent weatherproof storage capsules.

    Made from sturdy stainless steel, the contents of your shipping container storage will be safe from the wind, wet, sleet, and snow – without rusting and degrading for around 25-30 years – far longer than any shed can compete with.

    It also allows for a small amount of airflow, which can stop seasonal clothes and fabrics from smelling musty and stale.

    • Temperature controlled

    If you are storing home goods, it is advised to maintain a cool, dry environment to keep your contents in the best possible condition.

    You can achieve this with outdoor at-home shipping container storage by adding insulation if you live in an especially warm or cold location.

    This service can be completed by our experienced experts before delivering your self-storage to Liverpool, Manchester, Aberdeen, or anywhere else in the UK.

    • Easier than you might think

    As it is generally classed as a temporary structure, you may not even need planning permission to add a shipping container storage unit to your own land.

    This is especially true if:

    • The structure is temporary or to be used as an alternative to a garden shed.
    • You do not live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, a national park, or near a listed building.
    • Your converted shipping container will not affect traffic, produce excessive noise, or reduce light and privacy for your neighbours.
    • It is no larger than half of the land surrounding your property.
    • Is not connected to permanent utility supplies, like your gas or electricity.

    However, to be completely sure and reduce the risk of getting into trouble with your council’s planning permission office, it is worth checking before you order your used or new shipping container.

    Once you are sure you are permitted, we can arrange for seamless delivery of your shipping container storage, on a day that suits you best.


    Find affordable, high-quality shipping container storage today

    Whether you need to free up space so you can enjoy your home once again, or even to give you the room to run a business from home, consider self-storage containers from Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dorset, or anywhere else in the UK.

    With bespoke shipping container conversions, specialist delivery, and help with choosing the right size used shipping container for your project, the team at Gap Containers can help with anything you need.

    To find out more or to find storage containers for sale, give us a call on 0870 240 9405 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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    December 22, 2023 | Lauren

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