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    5 reasons a shipping container conversion could save Christmas

    Halloween and Bonfire Night are in our rearview mirror and the Christmas adverts have started – it can mean only one thing…

    Your house is about to be taken over by the Christmas spirit – and the kids!

    Now before you run for the hills, there is a solution, and it is much simpler than you might expect – a shipping container conversion.

    But how can a shipping container conversion help keep your festive season more merry and bright then angry and uptight?

    Read on to find out more!


    What is a shipping container conversion?

    Put most simply, a shipping container conversion is the process of turning a retired haulage container into a much-needed extra room.

    Easily transformed into almost any type of room you could think of, a container conversion allows you to reutilise under-appreciated outdoor land and expand your usable living space without the vast expense of extensions.

    A shipping container conversion could give you:

    • A gym or yoga and dance studio
    • A workshop or crafting space
    • An office
    • An extra bedroom or guest room
    • Rentable bedrooms – perfect for holiday lettings
    • Extra leisure space – including playrooms, home cinemas, games rooms, or more.

    And best of all? Most of the time you won’t need planning permission – but you should always check to be sure!


    How can a shipping container conversion help families over Christmas?

    Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but quite often stress, overcrowding, and overexcitement can make it a tricky holiday – especially if you have children or problematic extended family.

    If this sounds like you, having an extra room that is detached from your main home can give everyone the calm and space they need to enjoy spending the holidays together.

    1. Spare or guest bedrooms

    Visiting family can be the most magical – or maddening – part of Christmas.

    Why not cut the chances of a festive fall-out and welcome your visitors into a gorgeous guest space of their very own, that (best of all) also allows them to have a space to relax at the end of the day?

    Not only will they probably sleep better – making disagreements less likely – but you can shut out your visitors at the end of the day and maintain a sense of normality, like regular bedtimes, and keep on top of the Christmas mess.

    1. Party spaces

    Like the idea of a party but does the idea of the prep and clean up put you off?

    With your very own party room, you could prepare slowly in your own time over t a few days and tidy up at your leisure – without empty cups and bottles or buffet food being trodden into your living room carpet.

    A separate party space also means you can close the doors and keep the excess noise to a minimum – great if you have young children or grumpy relatives trying to get 40 winks upstairs.

    You could even hold Christmas dinner itself in there too – that way your long-planned table setting might just last that bit longer too!

    1. Extra storage

    No matter how big your house is, everyone runs low on space over Christmas!

    With the extra décor and Christmas trees, festive food piling up, and presents hastily hidden in every cupboard – it can feel more like a warehouse than your home.

    How about if you had somewhere extra to store it all?

    A shipping container with custom built-in cupboards or other functional storage options could give you space to store the necessities and presents throughout the year until they are needed for the big day, making your house feel calmer and less chaotic.

    And when it’s not Christmas, you’ll still feel the benefits. Surveys show that 47% of people don’t socialise as much as they want to at home because of embarrassing clutter.

    Well, you won’t have that excuse anymore!

    1. Home offices

    Depending on the school they go to, children can often have 2 weeks or more off school during Christmas and New Year.

    While this is fantastic quality time and the little ones enjoy it immensely, for adults with less annual leave entitlement it can mean days trying to work from home in a noisy environment from home – while the kids run riot behind you.

    Not ideal – especially if you have to take calls.

    A shipping container conversion home office allows you to work in the calm and quiet while remaining close enough in case you are needed.

    You could even add large windows or glass sliding doors to ensure you can see into the house at all times, which is handy for keeping an eye on the family and if you are expecting parcels.

    1. Christmas-free zones

    Everyone loves Christmas, right?

    Wrong – a surprising number of adults and children struggle with the festive period, because of the amount of change and upheaval, and the often-unrealistic expectations it brings.

    To keep the festive fun, expert charities like Mind encourage people to make Christmas work for them, rather than changing themselves to fit into the Hallmark holiday idea of Christmas from movies.

    This advice includes:

    • Taking time out
    • Try to maintain your regular routines as much as possible
    • Giving yourself the things you need

    All of which can be easier if you have a Christmas-free leisure space you can relax in over the holidays.

    So, why not create a Christmas-free zone designed to help keep you and your family calm? You can try to keep all evidence of Christmas in your main living space and create break-out spaces in your shipping container conversion or vice-versa.

    This can help you maintain your boundaries, stick to normal routines, and de-Christmas for a little while if you need to.


    Craft a bespoke shipping container conversion with Gap Containers

    Whether you need a shipping container conversion to get through Christmas 2023 or just to help expand your usable floorplan – Gap Containers can help.

    With endless possibilities for use and fully bespoke container conversions – you could have the extra space your family needs much sooner than you thought possible!

    For more information, explore our previously converted shipping containers or reach out to our team to arrange a one-to-one consultation by calling 0870 240 9405 or sending us an email.

    We’ll be in touch as soon as possible!

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