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    Shipping Containers


    Shipping Containers for Sale

    Looking for great value shipping containers for sale? Look no further. Gap Containers is a leading UK supplier of both new and used shipping containers. Whether you wish to store your goods in a secure space or need to organise an international delivery, we have the ideal size and type to meet your needs. Buy shipping containers from Gap today!

    Standard shipping containers for sale and hire

    We have a range of standard shipping containers for sale and hire, including:

    New ISO containers – these do exactly what they say on the tin. They’re brand new shipping containers, that have been manufactured to the highest possible standard and fitted with a Container Safety Convention (CSC) plate. You can choose from a diverse range of colours – from the RAL colour chart – and a variety of accessories can be added depending on your needs.
    Used ISO containers – we also stock a range of second-hand shipping containers. These are sold on a ‘next from stack’ basis in their original livery and have typically been used for 9-14 years in the shipping industry. However, their estimated life expectancy is 25 years – and, as such, they’re still of excellent quality and come fitted with a valid CSC plate.

    One-way shippers – just as the name suggests, these shipping containers have been used once only since their manufacture, to ship goods into the UK. Again, they are CSC plated and fit-for-purpose for many years. They can also be customised to meet your specific requirements.

    End-of-life containers – essentially, these are old shipping containers that have an extensive history in the freight forwarding and shipping industry. They’re ‘sold as seen’ and, although they can no longer be used for transportation, they’re a great option if you require static storage.

    Refrigerated containers – we currently offer two types of refrigerated shipping container, including marine machinery high-performance and low-noise temperature-controlled containers. These provide food-grade secure storage for both domestic and commercial use, ensuring goods (i.e. fresh groceries, frozen foods) arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

    Flat pack containers – an ideal alternative for small spaces or areas with restricted access. These shipping containers arrive as a flat pack, with everything you need to assemble the structure by hand. They can be either galvanised or powder-coated and, if more storage space is required for your goods, multiple containers can be quickly and easily linked together.

    In addition to those above, we can also supply high cube containers, open top containers with a removable tarpaulin roof and flat rack containers (which are ideal for oversized cargos). These are all wind and watertight and come in two standard sizes, including:

    20ft shipping containers – our most popular shipping container These are perfect for various types of transportation and are also widely used for domestic and commercial storage.

    40ft shipping containers – as one of the largest shipping containers available, these are a suitable option for those who wish to transport or store a significant volume of goods. They’re also particularly ideal for the transportation of heavy items.

    Bespoke shipping containers

    It’s also possible to purchase shipping containers that have been fabricated to your exact requirements. We offer a bespoke service, whereby shipping containers can be made in a wide range of sizes (i.e. 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft) and painted in a colour of your choice. These can be bought as standard or converted into a container office or mess room.

    Our Containers

    Ready to buy your shipping containers?

    For a personalised quote, either give us a call on 0870 240 9405 or fill out our handy ‘quick quote’ form and we’ll get back to you. All of our new and used shipping containers are available for a competitive price and, with multiple depots across the UK, they can be delivered to any location.

    Our team are always on hand and happy to help. So, if you have any questions or would like further information on any of the shipping containers for sale or hire, please feel free to get in touch. Complete your enquiry below or send an email to

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    What is a shipping container?

    Essentially, shipping containers are large steel boxes that have been fitted with hardwood floor and double doors. They’re most commonly employed within the transportation industry. Loaded onto the back of lorries, trains and ships, they’re used to import and export goods across the globe. Thanks to their robust and long-lasting construction, they also have a number of alternative uses. For example, second-hand shipping containers are often used for short-term and long-term storage or can be converted into an office, cabin, mess room, sports changing facility and more.

    How big are shipping containers?

    New shipping containers are typically built to a standard size, measuring 8ft in width, 8.5ft in height and either 20ft or 40ft in length. This allows them to be safely loaded and stacked for transportation.

    However, they can also be made-to-order to meet your exact requirements. As part of our bespoke service, here at Gap Containers, it’s possible to buy shipping containers ranging from 6-40ft long. Just tell us what you need and we will supply the perfect solution for the job.

    How much does a shipping container weigh?

    There are three main weights that you need to be aware of:

    1. Tare weight – the weight of the container without contents
    2. Payload – the weight of the contents that a container can hold
    3. Gross weight – the weight of the container plus its maximum payload

    These should be painted clearly on the side of the shipping container.

    Generally speaking, the larger the shipping container is, the higher these weights will be. Tare weight can range from approximately 850-4000kg, whilst gross weight can fall anywhere between 5000kg and 30,4000kg.

    How much are shipping containers?

    The exact cost will depend on several factors, including whether they’re new or used shipping containers, the type and quantity that you require and any modifications requested.

    Here at Gap Containers, we strive to be as competitive as possible. We always keep up-to-date with the market and offer all of our shipping containers at the best possible price. Getting a personalised quote is very easy. Simply give us a call on 0870 240 9405 to discuss your requirements, or fill out the online enquiry form, and a member of our team will happily provide a quote for your order.

    Why choose us for shipping containers?

    Whatever your requirements, whether you’re looking to buy shipping containers or simply hire them, we can help. We have a diverse range of types and sizes available and, thanks to our bespoke fabrication and modification service, it’s possible to create a container that is perfect for you.

    We have multiple depots and storage facilities throughout the country, which allows us to offer a super-fast delivery service – across the whole of the UK. Made from high-quality steel and CSC plated, all of our shipping containers are approved for shipping overseas. They’re priced competitively and could be exactly what you need to transport goods from one country to another.

    Which type of shipping container do I need?

    This depends on several factors, including the nature and volume of your goods. You should also consider how long you are likely to need the shipping container. Whilst hiring can be cheaper in the short-term, for anyone looking to transport or store goods over a long period of time, purchasing a shipping container is usually the most cost-effective and convenient option.

    Here at Gap Containers, we know that choosing the right shipping container can be tricky – particularly if you’re new to the industry. That’s why we try to help as much as possible.

    Our team have significant experience and knowledge in this area. If you’re struggling to make a decision, please feel free to get in touch. Simply give us a call on 0870 240 9405 and we will guide you through the buying process and advise on the best shipping container for your needs.

    Do you deliver to any location?

    Although we’re based in the North West, our depots span the length and breadth of the country. Each depot has a large and varied stock of the available shipping containers – and, as such, we’re able to deliver to any UK address (within 3-4 working days). If necessary, we can also arrange delivery to an overseas destination – but this is only for purchased shipping containers, not hired.

    All deliveries are booked in advance and we work closely with you to choose a convenient date and time. Our trained technicians will then transport the shipping containers via a hi-ab container wagon, which has the facility to off-load. Therefore – as long as it is outside on hard-standing ground (i.e. no mud or grass) – we can place and position the container exactly as you wish.

    How can I ensure my shipping container is secure?

    Due to the way they’re constructed, all of our shipping containers – including both new and used – are naturally strong and secure. They’re also designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

    However – if you wish to be extra cautious – we also stock a range of shipping container security accessories, including container padlocks and lock boxes. These can be supplied fitted to the container, separately or in bulk dependent on your needs. Simply browse the full collection and, when placing your order, let us know which high grade security options you would like.

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