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    Shipping container conversion ideas for a spectacular summer 2024

    Want to spruce up your garden but not sure how?

    You certainly aren’t alone – the light nights have well and truly arrived and this means trying to spend more time in your outdoor oasis!

    But in the UK we aren’t always blessed with warm and dry summers, so many consider semi-permanent structures that can allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without experiencing the weather in quite so much detail.

    So, what could you do with a converted shipping container from Gap Containers?


    What can I do with my container conversion?

    The good news is, that a converted shipping container can be turned into pretty much anything – you are limited by only your needs and your imagination.

    However, if you need a little inspiration, here are our top picks for this summer!


    Glamping destination

    If you have children, you will be very aware of how magical it is to sleep outside of a bedroom – nothing raises spirits quite like it!

    But this isn’t limited to just small children and an outside-inside glamping spot can be the easiest way to hold sleepovers for tweens and teens alike.

    They come with many benefits, from keeping the noise and mess away from the main house to allowing the early testing of independence and confidence building.

    But, they don’t just have to be for the kids – wine mums and footie-mad dads can also use them as an escape for social gatherings!


    Backyard bar

    While they initially rose to fame during the COVID-19 lockdowns, a backyard boozer is still an incredible hangout spot for those who want to socialise in comfort.

    So, whether you want to avoid being the designated driver or relying on a cab to get you home, or want to indulge in your love of fresh juices and sodas from around the world – your garden bar can be bespoke to you and your interests, alcoholic or otherwise.

    Plus, with some clever designing, our converted shipping container team can design and create both covered and uncovered bars – depending on how much you trust the weather forecast.


    Hot tub huts

    Another must-have from the pandemics, the hot tub faze remains as hot as ever here in the UK.

    Whether you went for a permanent option that you simply switch on and uncover or a blow-up model that requires full unpacking and set-up – wouldn’t it be much easier if you could simply leave it up and close the door on it when you were done?

    Plus, with added protection from the elements and the inclusion of windows in your container conversion, you’ll probably get a lot more use out of your jacuzzi and can still enjoy looking out over your lawn.

    Summer houses

    Move over garden sheds, summer houses are where it’s at.

    A fantastic multi-use space, a summer house can be used all year round as an extra relaxing space or lounge.

    You can use it for quiet cups of tea while you watch the birds, to watch the newest box set in peace, or to give the kids another space to play.

    Plus, with room for in-built storage, a converted shipping container summer room can be an incredibly functional space that frees up room in the main house.


    Garden storage

    While it might not be the most glamorous option, it might well be the most helpful if you are suffering from a cluttered yard.

    A container conversion makes a much more durable, long-lasting, and weatherproof storage option than a traditional wooden shed, which might only last for around 15 years.

    With plenty of space inside, you can safely organise, store, and access everything you might need to tame and enjoy your garden this summer. From lawnmowers and strimmers to BBQs, bicycles, and paddling pools – it can hold it all.

    Likewise, with the ability to add bespoke shelving and hanging racks, you could even free up more space in the house and store more in your bespoke garden storage.


    We can help your summer run smoothly this year

    Whether you have a fully-fledged idea for a container conversion or you are at your wit’s end and just need a helping hand from a professional – our incredible team at Gap Containers can help.

    With a passion for bespoke converted shipping containers that combine functionality and fun, they can assist you every step of the way, from initial design to choosing the final finishing touches.

    For more information or to get started, call us on 0870 240 9405 or fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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    July 4, 2024 | Lauren

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