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    5 must-have shipping container accessories

    Container with shipping container accessories ready for delivery

    So, you’re about to get a shipping container for the first time. You’ve found a supplier (Gap Containers, of course!). Established what type you require – new, used, one-way, refrigerated, flat pack etc. Decided whether to buy or hire. Chosen a size.

    But before confirming your order, is there anything else you’re going to need?

    The short answer is yes. Whether you’re planning to use the structure for shipping or storage purposes, several container accessories are usually required to help set it up, improve its overall functionality and ensure it’s as secure as possible.

    Here at Gap Containers, we offer a wide range of these accessories, including everything from basic locks to specialised ‘Grafo-Therm’ solutions. But to set you on the right track, here we outline the five must-have shipping container accessories that we typically recommend for all customers.


    Which container accessories are usually recommended?


    1. Container padlocks

    Shipping container security 101 – you’re going to need a padlock.

    All containers benefit from cargo doors with an in-built locking mechanism. This uses a ‘cam and lock system’ to fasten the doors and keep them shut. But to make sure the contents are safe and secure at all times, a high-grade container padlock is essential.

    Made from heavy-duty hardened steel, a padlock is very difficult to break and will provide an excellent level of protection for your container. And they don’t cost much! All of our hire containers come with a container padlock as standard (free of charge). And if you’re purchasing a new or used container outright, they can be added to your order for just £45 each.


    2. Container lockboxes

    To achieve a heightened level of security, we typically recommend purchasing a container lockbox.

    Used in conjunction with the padlock, this acts as a shield of armour. It’s a super-strength steel box that is placed over the padlock to help prevent tampering and criminal activity. The padlock can still be very easily unlocked. But it’s difficult for the shackle to be cut or broken with bolt cutters and virtually impossible for an intruder to gain access.

    As a must-have container accessory, all of our new containers come with a complimentary container lockbox. Whilst our used containers can be fitted with a lockbox for a small £45 fee.


    Container padlock and lockbox


    3. Shipping container ramps

    Going to be regularly loading and unloading your shipping container?

    A shipping container ramp is a worthwhile investment. Palette jacks, forklifts and trolleys are pretty much impossible to get over the entrance edge without one. So whether you’re moving around business goods or personal belongings, it’ll be much easier with the help of a strong ramp.

    Here at Gap Containers, we can supply the ideal loading ramp for all container sizes and styles. Simply give us a call to discuss your exact requirements.


    4. Container shelving and racking

    For most customers, container shelving or racking is another key accessory, which can help to maximise the structure’s potential and make the most of the available space.

    Not only are 2-4 shelf units the best way to utilise the vertical capacity of your container, they can also help to improve organisation. You can separate items into categories, put heavier items at the bottom and lighter things at the top, and keep sensitive cargo off the ground.

    All of our containers can be supplied with free-standing or self-assembly container racking. This will be made bespoke to order to suit your specific container and is available for a competitive price. Alternatively, you can supply your own racking and we can install this for you.


    Shipping container ramp and container shelving


    5. Container lighting

    If you plan to use the structure for storage, the chances are, you’ll also need container lighting. This will improve accessibility, allowing you to see the contents of your container at any time – day or night – and will make it much easier for you to find specific items.

    One of the most common light fittings for shipping containers is fluorescent lighting. But with the right expertise, almost any type of lighting can be installed.

    Here at Gap, we can fit all of our containers – including refrigerated structures – with 1-5+ container light fittings, in full accordance with the latest health and safety legislation. To add this accessory to your order, simply call us and let us know what type of overhead lighting you require.


    Container accessories at Gap Containers


    Want to know about our shipping container accessories?

    These are the most popular container accessories that we supply, recommended for most customers. And when you get in touch to order your shipping container, we’ll talk you through the options available in further detail and ensure that your specific requirements are met.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions – or would like to know a bit more about the accessories currently available – please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert technicians are on hand and happy to help at any time and will gladly advise on the best accessories for your needs.

    Either call us on 0870 240 9405 or send an email to and we’ll respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.



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