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Shipping Container Facts

Shipping containers have so many uses and benefits in society that it is almost mind boggling. From storage facilities, transportation, offices, homes and architecture the shipping container is much more than just a standard metal box. Shipping containers have been around since the 1950’s when inventor Malcom McLean first invented the shipping container. They have evolved since to become one of the most useful products in the world and have even been known as invention of the century. There are a lot to containers, some of which is obvious, but there are some amazing facts about containers that are truly incredibly.

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  1. About 675 shipping containers are lost at sea every single year due to bad weather and pirates.
  2. In 2011 US ports received more than $1.5 trillion worth of international goods via shipping containers.
  3. If every container in the world was laid out in a line they would circle the entire globe twice. That’s a lot of containers!
  4. A standard 40ft container can store about 8’000 pairs of shoes on a single load.
  5. The first ever shipping container was built in the 1950’s by inventor Malcom McLean.
  6. At least 90% of the worlds cargo is transported globally via shipping containers.
  7. The busiest port in the world, Shanghai, handles more than 29 million shipping containers in one year.
  8. There is a city in Mexico that is made entirely from shipping containers and is about 48’000 square feet.
  9. A cat from China to USA once survied more than 2 weeks trapped in a container without any food or water. This is actually fairly common.
  10. About 95% of all shipping containers are manufactured in China.

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