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Build a home office with a shipping container

Over the last few weeks, the nation has been told to work from home wherever possible.

This has, most importantly, helped to slow the spread of the coronavirus and saved lives all over the country. But it’s also proven to employers just how feasible and easy remote working can be.

People have

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5 of the best shipping container homes

Think shipping containers are just for shipping? Wrong. After sailing the seas for many years, these tough metal boxes are being increasingly used to create high-end shipping container homes.

It’s a big trend in the world of architecture. Not only are they eco-friendly and quick to build, they offer endless customisation

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Shipping container swimming pools

Always dreamed of having a swimming pool at home? Why not invest in a shipping container pool?

These unique container conversions first made an appearance in 2017, when Canadian couple – Paul and Denise Rathnam – launched the ‘Modpool’. Whilst on holiday in California, they noticed how pools had become much

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Downsizing Into a Shipping Container

With housing prices growing steadily higher, many people are looking to downsize into more efficient and affordable housing. For some people, that means moving out of expensive cities into smaller rural areas, and for others, it will mean opting for a smaller property with fewer bedrooms. One couple from San

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London Containers Get Hip

Take a stroll along the Regent’s Canal and what do you expect to see? Lord Snowdon’s Aviary, perhaps, or Lord’s Cricket Ground, right? How about a two-storey stack of shipping containers sitting quietly in a line?
The shipping container conversion trend is continuing apace – this time in hipster-central, Shoreditch. This

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