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Welcome to Boozehounds Dog Bar, the shipping container dog park


In Florida a unique dog park venture will be opening by the end of 2019 using shipping containers

Yep you read that correctly, a dog park in Florida made out of shipping containers – who would have thought of that? Well it is a real venture that looks set to open by summer 2019. Boozehounds dog park looks like nothing we seen before and is heaven for any dog lover out there. The park will utilise converted shipping containers as a converted seating area and even a bar – not only is it dog heaven it also serves beer. The container bar also has televisions which play sports shows so you can watch the game whilst walking your dog, does it get much better?

A yearly membership costs $149 with a day pass costing $10 to the dog park and only people aged 16 and over can visit the park. Dogs must also have up to date vaccinations, over 4 month’s old, spayed if over 8 months and must be friendly enough around people. If you fancy visiting the impressive Dog Park check out their website here:

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