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Plans for Manchester shipping container business complex underway


Up to 300 shipping containers could be used to create a business community in Manchester

Business communities are a great way for local businesses to interact, grow and advertise to the local community and also nationwide and are beneficial for small and large businesses alike. But this particular business community differs greatly from most others, in a way that at first may sound quite bizarre. The Pollard Yard Project in Manchester plan to create a thriving business community complex for businesses, entrepreneurs and sole traders made entirely out of shipping containers. In fact the company plans to utilise up to a staggering 300 shipping containers.

Creative, the property management company that created the project, plans to use a two acre yard in Manchester to accommodate all of the shipping containers and project is estimated to cost approximately £1million. There are 30 units ready to go at the moment and more are planned on being set up this year with the aim to provide affordable office space for businesses in the area. Shipping containers are being used for a variety of creative projects and this huge shipping container business community project is one example of how the container can be used effectively, affordably and creatively.

You can see more about the Pollard Yard Project here:

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