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Shipping container home ideas and inspiration

shipping container homes

Shipping containers can be great for converting into a welcoming family home

Shipping container homes are affordable and can be used to create a warm and comfortable living space for little cost. Shipping container homes are quick to build and offer a low cost form of housing. Shipping containers are normally used to transport goods around the world or used as extra storage space. It’s amazing what some people have built with a little use of their imagination. More and more container homes and dwellings are popping up all over the place as an affordable solution to housing.

Even though this container home Is quite small you can see clearly how you can make a tidy and homely living space out of a shipping container. The great thing about using containers for homes Is that they are so much cheaper than a standard home. For example, the approximate price for a standard 20ft shipping container Is around £1200 plus delivery. Even from this Information you can see how affordable It Is using a shipping container as a home. They are also easy to transport and can be moved to any location that you like, and of course that you are allowed to move to.

shipping container homes

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