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Shipping container holiday homes on the Isle of Wight


Initiative could see holiday homes on the Isle of Wight being set up using shipping containers

Shipping containers are being used as homes, hotels, apartments and living spaces for various projects around the world because containers are durable, cost effective and easily transportable. Even companies such as Holiday Inn and Travelodge have opted to used shipping containers for some of their hotel chains which is a spectacular feat to say the least. Containers really are a versatile and diverse product and you would be amazed at just how creatively you can use them.

Shipping container holiday homes could be set up on the Isle of Wight with plans already being put forward to the Isle of Wight Council’s planning committee. The plan is to use 5 shipping containers and convert them into holiday homes near Newport for holiday makers with the project being dubbed ‘highly unique’.  Each holiday home will accommodate up to four people and single or double beds with a pull down sofa bed in the living area of the holiday home. Each unit will be totally self-contained and will offer holiday makers a unique ambience and setting to escape everyday life on the Isle of Wight. The plan looks both exciting and impressive and we can’t wait to see the end result.

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