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The shipping containers destined for a good cause


Eight shipping containers shipped to West Africa full of medical supplies to help those in need

Shipping containers can be used for all sorts of purposes from storing your household goods and excess business stock, converting into offices homes and even for shipping supplies to areas around the world that need them. A charity based in Vancouver, USA called the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation, does exactly this – they ship shipping containers overseas packed full of various medical supplies to help those who need it the most. The charity started back in 2000 and has grown ever since with continuous shipments being made to countries around the world.

The current shipment utilises eight shipping containers which are full of medical supplies including beds, syringes, bandages, wheelchairs and crutches and more. The containers are being shipped to several West African countries including Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia. Some areas are still affected by the 2016 Ebola outbreak and the supplies and aid received from the charity is kindly and desperately needed.

The president of the Korle-Bu Neuroscience Foundation Marjorie Ratel stated, ‘We started container shipments flowing and we’ve never stopped. Ebola decimated the medical and nursing profession over there. One hospital we’re sending equipment to today — Phoebe Hospital — they lost 23 out of their 25 nurses to Ebola’. It’s truly amazing what can be done with shipping containers and just how helpful containers have been in shipping medical supplies to West Africa.

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