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Porters Lodge at Cambridge University introduced using a 40ft shipping container

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A shipping container has been converted into a Porters Lodge at Cambridge University and it looks impressive to say the least

We have seen a huge variety of uses for shipping containers over the years ranging from drive through coffee shops, bars, pop-up shops, restaurants, changing rooms, swimming pools and more and it is clear just how diverse the shipping container now is. Luxury homes made out of shipping containers aren’t uncommon anymore with highly sophisticated homes being made using refurbished shipping containers. Some look so impressive you wouldn’t even be able to tell they were made using containers.

Cambridge University has utilised a 40ft shipping container themselves by converting one into a Porters Lodge. The Porters Lodge, for Hughes Hall, allows a reception area for visitors and a pigeonhole area for students. The container project was designed by architect company Neubau and they chose a shipping container for the University based on the speed, durability and ease of transport of containers. Co-founder of Neubau Alexander Giarlis stated, “A shipping container is a ready made self-supporting structure that doesn’t require any foundations and is easily customisable to allow for bespoke design”.

The project at Cambridge University is one of many around the country and also the world that puts shipping containers and their wide range of uses into a whole new light.

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