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Meet the shipping container enterprise village


Shipping containers can be used for so many projects and endeavours including an enterprise and innovation village…..

Mr Kahn already owns the site and said he initially wanted to begin with 25 to 30 shipping containers to kick-start the project, with more shipping containers to be used. Mr Kahn has expressed his excitement stating that he wants to give back to Bradford and give Bradford the opportunity to achieve their goals. He has explained that the project is open to people of all ages, anyone who needs help with setting up their business and has insisted the project was merely for new business start-ups.

The Bradford entrepreneur has teamed up with a property developer to help business start-ups with shipping containers. Afzal Kahn said he wanted to give something back to his city by building an Enterprise Village using shipping containers. He has joined forces with St James Securities (the Leeds-based property developer) and believes the Enterprise Village project could help make a positive impact to local businesses, start ups and enterprises. 

We applaud Mr Kahn for supporting new businesses in Bradford, declaring that the Enterprise Village project is here to help, businesses will not be alone and because there is a minimal cost to the owners they don’t have to worry about leases. The shipping containers will be fitted with essentials such as electrics and alarms. 

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