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A Dream home made from shipping containers

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Shipping containers are being used more and more as living spaces and this Dallas container home can certainly turn heads

An architect has taken fourteen shipping containers and converted them into an elegant and modern 3,700 square foot three-bedroom home. The container home has amongst other remarkable features, a 1,400 square foot roof terrace that can fit up to 150 people along with a 40ft swimming pool on the ground floor – now that’s pretty amazing!

The ceilings have been left exposed and the shipping container doors remained unpainted when they were converted into bedroom doors as designers wanted people to know what they were standing in when they stepped into the home. Because the walls of the shipping containers were removed, columns had to be placed around the house to restore structural integrity to the materials. Spray foam was also used between the building layers, to provide insulation.

Deep porches protect the home from direct sunlight while still allowing natural light to seep in. Mat Mooney knew he wanted to build a home out of shipping containers 25 years ago, but it was only just recently he and his wife Barbara, found the perfect spot – in the same neighbourhood where they had lived for 23 years.

A crew of 18-wheeler wagons transported the shipping containers to the chosen spot, which is on one of the highest elevations in the city – offering one of the best views. Of course an audience built of over 200 people.

But one of the most remarkable uses of the containers is the two story, glass panelled tower that overlooks and mirrors the shape of the house’s long, slim pool, which carries the tower’s reflection. On the house’s open-floor first level has polished cement used for the ground to match the sleek steel of the shipping containers above. The upstairs levels are equipped with maple wood floors to complement the views of the nearby park and lake.

So, would you consider living in a shipping container home?


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