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Unique container homes around the world

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Various container home projects are popping up all over the world and are becoming more and more popular as living spaces.

Have you ever thought of having a shipping container as a home? The concept at a first glance might sound pretty unusual as shipping containers are large metal containers used to store various goods and products. But container homes are actually a popular choice for many people and companies around the world. Many extraordinary, unique and creative container homes are popping up everywhere from a modern container home near Quebec, Canada to a luxury container home near Denver, USA. Container homes are becoming a popular trend and there are some brilliant homes out there. Lets take a look at some now…..

Meet the luxurious shipping container home at the village of Org res, France which has been known as the ‘Flying Box’. This luxury French container home shows us just how shipping containers can be used to make stunning and modern homes. The home features a modern  open space living area and uses five 40ft shipping containers. The container home cost an estimated £125’000 to construct and took only three months to complete – that’s certainly efficient. Josu Gillet, the man who owns the container home, stated that he chose to use a container home as he wanted to do something ‘fun and different’.

Another modern and creative container home Is a luxury container home near Texas, USA that Is a whopping 3’700 square feet and boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms. The container home, known as PV14, uses 14 shipping containers and features a balcony and even a 40ft long swimming pool! There’s also an entertainment area and enough space to store 2 cars. This luxury shipping container home really shows us just how diverse and creative we can be with shipping containers, not to mention how containers can be used to create such modern and luxurious living spaces.

Moving on to the luxurious container near Denver, USA that has a staggering 7 bedrooms and cost around half a million dollars to construct. The luxury home Is 4’000 square feet and took a year to complete and contains top of the range appliances. There are also 5 bathrooms and even has an upstairs suite. The home uses 9 shipping containers and Is a truly stunning shipping container home.

Container homes are a unique yet popular and efficient way to construct your home; maybe this might make you look at the concept of shipping container homes further.

shutterstock_375551860(Example photo of a container home – container homes offer creative and unique living spaces and are becoming a popular trend around the world)

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