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Unique and brilliant container home Ideas

Shipping container homes

There are some fantastic shipping container homes out there and some look truly amazing

From bars, shops, luxury homes and more, shipping containers can be used for many things. Container homes are becoming quite a popular trend with various and marvellous shipping container houses popping up all over the world from container apartments, student accommodation and creative container homes. Some container homes look so great that you wouldn’t even of thought that they would be a shipping container.

There Is a stunning shipping container home In Texas that Is made out of more than 14 shipping containers and Is more than 3’500 square feet! The container home even has a swimming pool.

The ‘Containers of hope’ container home In San Jose Is a unique container home that offers great views from and a comfortably and brilliant living space.

There Is a fantastic beach house shipping container home that even has a swimming pool and offers great views of the sea.

Container homes offer so much from being affordable and allowing one to be creative and express a unique style and design. There are so many creative and artistic container homes out there and they look amazing. As well as shipping container homes there are shipping container hotels and apartments with some being for student accommodation and even for the homeless. And shipping container bars are becoming Increasingly popular as well. So for a unique and creative living space, shipping container homes offer a variety of options.

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