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Ever wanted a completely custom, cost effective and unique home? Then shipping containers may be for you!

That may sound bizarre to anyone reading this but you may well be surprised to know that shipping containers can make an ideal home for absolutely anybody. Shipping containers are usually associated with storing goods, shipping items and for being stacked high at container ports and depots. Of course, the shipping container was built to store, transport and ship goods but there are some truly creative and innovative ways to use them and container homes are definitely one of them. Now you may understandably question why you would want to leave in a large metal box that was built to transport goods over the worlds oceans when there are plenty of concrete houses and apartments to choose from. But there are many benefits and advantages for container homes indeed that you may want to consider.

Container Home Benefits

  • Can be designed from scratch and completely customisable to your design preferences.
  • Affordable to purchase, when compared to an averaged sized size – shipping containers can start from around £1150.
  • Add more containers, and different sized containers, as well as colours.
  • Can be transported via a container haulage vehicle; similar to a large caravan for example. Essentially then you can transport your container home.
  • Container homes can be very eco-friendly and running costs can be low.
  • Container homes are increasingly used for great causes such as housing homeless people, student accommodation and veterans, for example.

Here are some photos below of example container homes (these are sample photos only):



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