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Trade and commerce – How the shipping container help It all


The shipping container and how It helped trade around the world

Trading goods and buying and selling Items from on person, and place, to another has been pretty fundamental for human beings. From right back to ancient Rome, Egypt and to the middle ages, trade and commerce has been an Important part of our society. From food products such as rice, barley and fruits to drinks such as wines and juices and from clothing and construction materials, like woods, Iron etc, trading and commerce has always been Important to us. Just as Important Is the ability to transport goods and Items from one place to another. Originally this most probably would have been with horse and cart or even simply by hand. As civilization has moved on new Inventions and products have been Introduced such as shipping overseas which Is a major part of trade today. Also the Invention of the aeroplane and automobile more recently have allowed even more sophisticated modes of transport to help trade and commerce. There Is one Invention In particular that has played a really Important role In modern transportation of goods and trade, one that has only been around since the 1950’s and has paved the way for the modern method of shipping goods overseas. You may have already of guessed It so here It It – say hi to the shipping container.

The shipping container was Invented In the 1950’s In the US by Innovator Malcolm McLean. It was designed as a way to help and make shipping goods overseas more effective – and It has certainly worked. There a currently more than 17 million shipping containers circulating In the World In present and at least 90% of all shipping containers are manufactured In China. Now that’s a lot of containers! The main and simple reason that shipping containers are so beneficial to modern trade Is that they are safe and secure and can be shipped anywhere In the world via a container ship. Goods can effectively be transported from one side of the world to there other safely and In bulk. A container ship carries at least hundreds of containers In one go and the shipping container Is a strong product.

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