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Shipping Container Homes – Would you live Inside a Shipping Container?


Shipping container homes are becoming Increasingly popular and there are some beautiful homes being made out there. Would you live Inside a shipping Container?

Home sweet home. We all love our home and that feeling of ‘coming home’ after a long, hard day. It’s also fair to say that a good home, or your home sweet home, Is probably the one of the most Important factors to happiness to most people. Houses can cost a fortune and just as much to run and maintain; with bills taxes, cleaning etc and we all want to feel comfortably being there. So some of you may wonder ‘why would I want to move Into a large metal box’? Yes It seems a valid question, my lovely cozy house compared to a large metal box sounds bizarre right? Well you may be more surprised to know just how stunning and welcoming shipping container homes can be, In fact some of the look better than normal homes not to mention that fact that they are cheaper, easier to run and can be moved. Yes, moved! When you actually look at photos of quality container homes you may realize that you can hardly tell them apart from a normal house.

Not only can shipping container homes look and function as well as a normal home they are structurally more flexible and adapting, cheaper to build and run and Eco-friendly.


Shipping container home benefits

Here are some reasons why you might want to move Into and live In a shipping container:

  • Incredibly cost effective, especially when compared to a normal house – a shipping container can cost around $1400 whereas a standard house can cost from around $150’000 and much more.
  • Few limits to size and scale – you can use as many or little shipping containers as possible and stack them on top of one another; essentially you have the freedom to build you home as large as you like.
  • Creative boundaries – want 4 floors, a full side opening, a balcony and a decking area? With shipping containers It Is very easy to Implement these things.
  • Eco-friendly – shipping container homes are more environmental friendly as they require less energy to run than a standard home. You also aren’t using as many building supplies such as brick to paint etc.
  • You can move your container home around freely! – Yep that’s right, you can transport your container to anywhere In the country using a hi-ab or container transport vehicle; you can even move your container abroad providing you have a valid CSC plate for shipping.

Want to learn more about shipping container homes? Feel free to contact us below:

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