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The Shipping Container village in Brixton

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Boxpark was a great success now the shipping container village in Brixton is here

After the great success with Shoreditch’s shipping container village the same model and ideas has been implemented in Brixton, UK. Most containers were once used for merely storage and transportation purposes but not anymore. There are now shipping container shops, hotels, spa’s and even now – container villages. Boxpark in Shoreditch was open a couple of years ago and is a shopping village near the main high street that is made entirely out of shipping containers. The village looks hip and cool and fits perfectly with the areas retro look and feel. The village has been a great success and now a new container village has opened in Brixton to match the success of the first one.

The main difference between the Shoreditch village and the Brixton village is that in Brixton the shipping containers are being used mainly as food outlets and specialized shops whereas Boxpark is primarily cloth boutiques. The village features cuisine from around the world and add’s a friendly and retro look to the London town.

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