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The container apartments with a unique twist


Shipping containers converted into unique hotels to allow people to test out what it’s really like to live in a container

Did you know that you can actually live in a shipping container? Yep, as bizarre as that may sound it is true and you may be surprised to realise just how stunning shipping container homes can look. The container, a metal box designed to ship and store goods around the world – why would anyone want to live in one you may ask? Well for a start they are incredibly cost effective and can be shipped from one location to another much easier than a normal home. They can also be eco-friendly and highly customisable – there are numerous container home projects popping up and there are even luxury container homes that you would never even realise where made using shipping containers. It’s fair to say then that containers are a viable option for anyone looking for a new home or living space.

Welcome to Flophouze, the Texas based shipping container apartments that allow guests to experience what it’s like to live in a shipping container. There are six shipping container apartments at Flophouze and each apartment has a bedroom, bathroom and living room and comes with a charging station. There is also a fire pit outside the apartments and guests can even use hammocks on site. Each shipping container apartment costs $175 per night and guests can experience what it’s like to live in your very own container home.

To see more about the unique container home apartments please visit Flophouze here.

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