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Over £1 million worth of classic car parts discovered in a shipping container


Valuable Ferrari and Maserati car parts have been found in a shipping container that is quite literally an Aladdin’s Cave

Auctions can reveal all sorts of both good surprises and bad surprises with some items being less valuable than anticipated. Not this one though – a shipping container being auctioned by auctioneers Coy’s has an incredible surprise especially car lovers. A shipping container being auctioned by Coy’s has been found to contain more than a staggering £1 million of luxury car parts mostly from Ferrari and Maserati. Now that’s not something that you find in a shipping container every day.

Chris Routledge, managing director of auctioneers Coy’s, said he was shocked at the find and even said he felt like Howard Carter uncovering Tutankhamun’s tomb in 1922. He also said that most of the items are still in their original packaging and found crates in the container that would be used for shipping the parts to the UK – this kind of find is certainly unprecedented. The collection will be auctioned off at the end of the month so if you are car fanatic then maybe this container contains the right parts for you.

You can see more about the incredible container auction find here.

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