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Meet the Bitcoin shipping container farm


Refurbished shipping container used as a Bitcoin mining space in Estonia and it looks impressive to say the least

Bitcoin is one of the most well-known and popular cryptocurrencies in the world and there are many different views on whether the cryptocurrency is a good or bad thing for society. Bitcoin allows people to purchase real products and services the same as they could with cash (though not everything is purchasable via Bitcoin). Some products and services that can be purchased with Bitcoin include dating sites, Expedia, some food delivery services, plane tickets and even some restaurants and pubs. The very basic fundamental of Bitcoin is mining – Bitcoin is mined via block chains and the currency is then rewarded to the first successful person to mine the correct chain (you can learn more about Bitcoin here).

Nordcoin, a cryptocurrency mining farm company based in the Nordics, has come up with an innovative method for mining Bitcoin. Most Bitcoin mines utilise warehouses or large open spaces to hold all of the wires and technology required to mine the cryptocurrencies. They have utilised a 40ft shipping container and refurbished it into a Bitcoin mining space complete with computers and cooling mechanisms (the hardware can get very hot so cooling mechanisms are quite to keep them from overheating). The container Bitcoin mine certainly opens up doors to the possibilities of other companies utilising shipping containers in a similar way – maybe the shipping container can be used for many more Bitcoin mining farms around the world? We’ll wait and see.

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