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Which container is right for me?

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Did you know that there are many different types of containers to choose from such as standard units, refrigerated units, office units and many more?

There are many different container types and sizes to choose from so you may naturally wonder which type is best for you. Now as much as at first glance it may look confusing the main, and also the standard type of containers, is the shipping container. The shipping container is the original container type invented by innovator Malcolm McLean in the 1950’s and has been the standard ever since. The shipping container is primarily used to ship goods and items from one country, or part of the world, to another. They are shipped using container ships, which can carry thousands on one load, and then transported via haulage vehicles to their destination. Shipping containers are also perfect for storing everyday goods and for businesses that require extra storage. For a shipping container to be shipped overseas it must have a valid CSC plate that approves the container can be shipped overseas. The only real difference between a shipping container and a storage container is that, general speaking, a storage container can’t be shipped overseas and its main purpose is for storing goods.

Refrigerated containers are essentially chiller containers that can be set to a particular temperature and is ideal for storing food or products that need to be kept chilled or frozen. All of our refrigerated container hire fleet operate on environmentally friendly refrigerant. Container conversions are converting a standard container into something different. For example some popular conversion types are offices, bars, homes and many more. There are also other types of containers that are more specialised including high cube containers, open top containers, tunnel containers, side access containers and more.

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