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The shipping containers washing on shore


Did you know that hundreds of shipping containers are lost at sea every single year?

Back In 1997 a container spill washed up millions of small lego pieces around the entire Cornwall coastline, and has reportedly been washing up still to this day! It happened during a storm near Lands End off of the south coast of England and there has been nearly 5 million pieces of lego reportedly washed up. That’s certainly a lot of lego. Shipping containers are transported around the world via container ships, and the by haulage vehicles on land to their chosen destination. When travelling overseas like most products and shipments sometimes cargo can go overboard or missing, usually in extremely bad weather and storms. This is probably a lot more common that you may think, there are reports each year of various objects and products washing onshore on beaches around the world from fallen shipping containers from lego pieces, clothing, cleaning products and more

A couple of year back thousands of pink detergent bottles washed up on shore via shipping containers going overboard. Reports indicate that the incident could be from a shipping container that went overboard around the same time. Hundreds of bottles were seen at Poldhu Cove in Cornwall and there have been sightings of the spills at Gunwalloe, Polurrian and Church Cove. Thousands of cans of coffee were washed up on a Florida beach when up to 25 shipping containers fell overboard in stormy weather. More commonly it is 20ft units that go overboard but there are a lot of 40ft shipping containers as well. There may be ways that container ships can help secure the containers more, maybe, but regardless there is one thing that we cannot change – and that is Mother Nature.

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