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The shipping container startup village in Amsterdam


A unique business startup hub has been introduced in Amsterdam that is made entirely out of shipping containers

From Pop Brixton to Boxpark in Shoreditch shipping container villages are a very real thing and are becoming more and more popular for various destinations around the world. In London shipping containers are used as pop-up outlet shops and restaurants, for a Wahaca restaurant near the River Thames and even shipping container spas. It is fair to say that shipping containers can be used for many, many varieties of projects and that the container is certainly a diverse project. Dutch architect Julius Taminiau knows this; he was a part of the design process for London’s Pop Brixton and has extensive experience in such projects. Taminiau has now, with his expertise, created a shipping container village in Amsterdam using the same principles from Pop Brixton.

Startup Village, the name of the container startup hub, is located in an Amsterdam Science Park and offers unique and affordable space for business startups in the local area. The startup village allows entrepreneurs a place to build their small business as well as network in close proximity to other small business owners. There are also coffee bars and meeting rooms, all made out of brightly coloured shipping containers, and stairs and walkways to allow easier access for people. It will be interesting to see what else Taminiau will accomplish will shipping containers and how many other projects will come from his experience.

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