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The Star Wars Shipping Containers


In a galaxy not so far away the Millennium Falcon was spotted hiding behind shipping containers

The Force may have been too strong this time as it was revealed that the Millennium Falcon that was used in the most recent Star Wars film, the Last Jedi, has been spotted on Google Maps. The most interesting thing though is that the Millennium Falcon was spotted surrounded by shipping containers in an apparent attempt to hide the Falcon from the public. The bizarre occurrence shows us that not even shipping containers can hide anything from Google.

Most of the Last Jedi was filmed on location in Surrey, with parts being at Longcross Studios, which is where the Falcon was spotted. It appears that Disney tried to hide the Falcon using the shipping containers but clever fans spotted the rare find using Google Maps much to the disappointment of the film studio. To see more about the Falcon hiding behind shipping containers please feel free to head over to Longcross Studios on Google Maps here.

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