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The biggest container ships in the world


Container ships are behemoths of the ocean and transport shipping containers globally. Did you know how large container ships really can be though?

Most of the worlds shipping containers are currently manufactured in China (at least 80%) and the largest container port in the world is in China. The huge numbers and capacity of the container and shipping industry is quite mind-blowing and is essential for our modern economies. Since the 1950’s when first came up with the idea of the shipping container trade and the shipping industry has been revolutionized and for the better. Thousands of containers are transported around the world each day and a staggering millions are being loaded and unloaded at the many container ports around the globe.

Some of the largest container ships in the world can hold at least 17’500 containers at one time, a massive amount, a ship them from one port to another. This is huge numbers and if we were to look at this it is also staggering. Some of the longest container ships are at least 4 football pitches in length and bigger than the empire state building; now that is pretty big! With this huge size and scope the container ship is pretty large to say the least.

One of the largest container ships ever is the CSCL Globe, which was launched in 2014, and can carry up to 19’100 shipping containers and is 400 metres in length. Previously to the CSCL Globe one of the largest was the Maersk Triple-E which can carry up to 18’000 shipping containers in one go and was launched in 2013 so the sizes of container ships look to increase as more technology and market demands increase, though this is only speculation.

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