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Project for Bronx shipping container housing solutions


Plans to utilise shipping containers as affordable housing solutions for the Bronx, USA are underway

Shipping containers are being used more frequently for homes, temporary accommodation and emergency shelter for those in need. Here in the UK there are various projects across the country, such as the Bristol container homeless project and Cardiff one that utilise containers as an affordable and effective solution to provide help for those in need. Shipping containers are also being used as family homes and even luxury properties across the world with more and more people turning to shipping containers to construct their ideal home. It may come across as rather unusual, and even bizarre, to those who have never seen containers being used like this but it is actually a common occurrence today.

In the USA a project is underway that looks set to use shipping containers as means to provide affordable housing for the community. The container housing complex is planned to be set up at the Bronx, USA and would be made up of 65-75 shipping container housing units. There would even be space for a retail complex and a church for the community. Containers are being used for the project as they are affordable, durable and offer quickness with delivery and transportation (being able to transport the units across the country if need be) and shows us all the endless possibilities that are available with shipping containers. You can see more about the Bronx container home project here.

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