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Shipping Containers are your perfect storage solution

Shipping containers are of the most useful and secure storage options available in the market and have been for many years. The shipping containers is also known as a cargo container or steel container and come in many sizes – the standard being 20ft shipping containers. They are large metal boxes that are used to transport products by road, train or boat, usually used when sending large shipments to another country, and also used to store goods and items. Most people pass by them without even noticing them and don’t really bother to think about all the wonderful things the containers can be used for. But what they don’t realize is that those shipping containers can be used for so many things! so many interesting projects such as shipping container classrooms, shipping container restaurants and of course shipping container homes.

The uses for Shipping Containers and Storage Containers

Shipping Containers and Storage Containers can be used for so many purposes that the list is endless. From storing sports equipment, office equipment, furniture, tools and vehicles to transporting goods from one side of the world to another. If that wasn’t enough you can even use shipping containers for classrooms and office spaces and even to live in. Container Homes are become so popular and for good reason too – they are affordable, easy to set up and use and can be transported anywhere!

At Gap Containers Ltd we offer a huge selection of container types and sizes for you to choose from including shipping containers, office containers, bespoke containers, refrigerated containers and more many more. If you require a completely bespoke container that is built entirely to your needs then we can do this for you also. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will supply you with it – for information why not send us an email at:

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