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A History of the box that shaped the world and made transportation what It Is today – meet the shipping container

Shipping containers have been with us and around us for more than 50 years and have made an enormous Important on our society, whether we are aware of It or not. Transportation has made a huge step forward since the birth of the shipping container and so has storage In general. As much as we are accustomed to shipping containers being here, they have only been with us since the 1950’s when pioneering entrepreneur  Malcolm McLean first Invented the shipping container. McLean Is known as the ‘father of Containerization’ and his Invention Is what has made the container what It Is today. Prior to Malcolm’s Invention goods and cargo was transported by only wooden crates. This quite clearly Is much weaker than a metal shipping container and It was much more difficult to transport goods beforehand. This was actually one of McLean’s main motives for creating the shipping container – to Improve the quality and strength of cargo transportation and It has definitely worked.

“The shipping container was Invented In 1956 by American Entrepreneur Malcolm McLean. Transporting cargo before shipping containers was achieved using wooden crates – which was much more difficult and not as effective”.

Transporting cargo before shipping containers was achieved using wooden crates - which was much more difficult and not as effective.

History of the shipping container: How the container helped the world

Shipping cargo from one place to another prior to the shipping container was much more difficult. Can you Image shipping large and heavy Items from one continent to another In just wooden crates? It was Indeed harder and took more time than today’s method. One great thing about the shipping container and how It helps with shipping cargo Is that there are numerous sizes available from 10ft shipping containers, 20ft shipping containers, 40ft shipping containers and more. They are Incredibly strong and can withstand moderate wind and water exposure meaning that when overseas the contents of the shipping container Is generally safe. Shipping containers also have the ability to be taken straight off of a container ship and onto a haulage vehicle using a specialized crane. The container can then be transported via truck to the designated address of delivery. Overall then, the beauty of the shipping container Is that large, small and Items of any size can be shipped safely overseas and then transported directly to any location around the world.

The fact that there are more than 17 million shipping containers circulating the world at the moment and that at least 90% off all of the worlds cargo Is shipped using shipping containers says a lot about the container. It would be hard to Image what trade would be like without the shipping container. There are also gigantic mega ships that are built just for shipping containers. The largest container ship ever built Is the Triple E Maesrk which Is a whopping 400 metres In length and can carry a staggering 18’000 shipping containers In one load. Imagine all of the cargo and Items that are, and can be, fitted into and shipped across the world using the Triple E Maersk.

It’s hard to Imagine what modern society would be like without the shipping container and we owe a lot to the Invention, all thanks to Malcolm McLean.

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