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Shipping container designs and architecture

Shipping containers are being used more often for architecture, design and building purposes ranging from shops, bars, accommodation, restaurants and more.

Did you know that there are such things as shipping container hotels, shops and spa’s out there as well as even a drive through Starbucks coffee? This may sound quite odd but container architecture Is a real and common thing and seems to only be becoming more so. A simple Google search will show you just how shipping containers are being used around the world from housing solutions, crisis solutions, art exhibitions, pop-up shops and more, there really Is a lot of container designs out there.


Of course, the main purpose of a shipping container Is for storage and transportation and this Is the main reason why most people would want a shipping container. It Is Interesting to see though the extraordinary ways that 20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers are being used for such a variety of design feats. Some of the most Incredible shipping container designs that we have seen are a shipping container skyscraper design, an architect project that has a design using shipping containers to make a skyscraper, a gold shipping container that was used to bring different cultures together by showing a live feed from different parts of the world, a pop-up shipping container design that are used for emergency shelter around the world and a student accommodation living block made out of shipping container to provide affordable accommodation to university students. For some great shipping container designs and buildings check out this website here.

With more than 15 million shipping containers circulating the world and an ever Increasing call for creativity and Innovation It will be amazing to see what more shipping container designs emerge as time moves forward and to see just much creativity the shipping container can be used to accomplish.

(Below: sample photos of shipping container buildings only)


colorful metal bulding made from shipping containers


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