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Shipping Containers for sale by type

Here at Gap Containers Ltd we offer a variety of container types for you to choose from. You may require a particular type of container depending on what you are looking for and you may also require a certain size shipping container such as a 20ft shipping container or a 40ft shipping container, If you have limited space for example.

You may be looking to just store household goods, for example, or you may need to keep a product chilled at a particular temperature so It Is relevant that you enquire about the right type of container for you. We offer various types of containers Including shipping containers, storage containers, refrigerated containers and container conversions, so please browse our container by type page and see which type Is right for you.

Shipping containers

Shipping containers are the standard type of container and are used to store goods locally and/ or ship goods around the world. We supply all sizes & types of Shipping Containers for sale & hire in the UK, including 10ft shipping containers,  20ft shipping containers and 40ft shipping containers. Whether you need them for international container delivery or to store your goods in a secure space, our Shipping Containers will meet all of your needs.

Shipping container sizes Include: 20ft shipping containers & 40ft shipping containers.

shipping containers

Storage containers

Storage containers are Ideal for storing everyday goods and products and for transporting goods across the country. Gap Containers offer a fully comprehensive range of new & used storage containers for sale in all types and sizes to private and commercial users such as 10ft storage containers, 20ft storage containers, 40ft storage containers and more. We can deliver to any UK location and offer optional extras for your container including high-security lock box facilities, padlocks, paint options, bespoke container customization. We also offer container painting services If you would like to paint your storage container.

Storage container sizes Include: 8ft storage containers, 10ft storage containers, 15ft storage containers20ft storage containers & 40ft storage containers.

storage containers

Refrigerated containers

Refrigerated containers are temperature controlled units that are Ideal for various frozen food products, chiller products and more. Refrigerated containers and temperature controlled containers are ideal for all your food products from frozen to chilled. Whatever your needs, our temperature Controlled units will ensure your products stay at their required product temperature. Our latest low noise refrigerated and temperature controlled containers are energy efficient and the quietest available in the market place, thus reducing environmental noise issues. Our refrigerated containers revolutionary design means that they are highly efficient and environmentally friendly. There a various refrigerated container sizes to choose from Including 20ft refrigerated containers and 40ft refrigerated containers. Standard containers and marine machine units are always available.

Refrigerated container sizes Include: 10ft refrigerated containers,  20ft refrigerated containers,  30ft refrigerated containers & 40ft refrigerated containers.

refrigerated containers

Container conversions

Container conversions are great for converting a standard shipping container Into a container of your choice. At Gap Containers we offer an wide range and selection of bespoke container conversions. We can make any type of container you desire from changing rooms, toilets, offices and more. All you need to do is contact us and let us know your personal requirements and we will be more than happy to assist you in creating your bespoke container. For some of our most recent container conversions, please visit our latest container conversions page.

Container Conversions

Container conversions UK

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