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5 of the best shipping container homes

Think shipping containers are just for shipping? Wrong. After sailing the seas for many years, these tough metal boxes are being increasingly used to create high-end shipping container homes.

It’s a big trend in the world of architecture. Not only are they eco-friendly and quick to build, they offer endless customisation

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Which container is right for me?

Did you know that there are many different types of containers to choose from such as standard units, refrigerated units, office units and many more?
There are many different container types and sizes to choose from so you may naturally wonder which type is best for you. Now as much as

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Shipping containers on the beach

Converted containers used on a Cornwall beach as up to date toilets and changing facilities  
On a Cornwall beach a unique yet inspiring sight can be seen – shipping containers converted into modern toilets and changing facilities for the public. The shipping containers are at Kynance Cove beach in Cornwall,

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The Largest Container Ship in the world

Container ships can ship more than 17’000 containers per shipment and this one is bigger than the Titanic
Meet the Triple-E Maersk container ship – the huge container ship that is almost twice as long as the Titanic and are 5 times longer than an Airbus 380.The Ultra Large Container Vessels

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The shipping container used for schools

Remarkable shipping container conversion used as a portable school for children in Africa
Some uses for shipping containers really do turn heads for all of the right reasons and this shipping container school project in Africa is certainly one of them.
Johannesburg-based company Architecture for a change constructed a community centre and

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Plan for Port of Amsterdam to reduce emissions

The Port of Amsterdam plans to reduce emissions by 50% by the year 2030
The Paris Climate Pact will begin in 2020 and sees nations from all over the world agreeing to follow the pact. There was a blow to the pact recently when in June 2017 Donald Trump announced that

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