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Just what exactly can you do with your shipping container?


From homes, hot tubs, restaurants, bars offices and even swimming pools – shipping containers are being used for more than just storage…..

When you think of a shipping container the first thing that most probably comes to mind is a standard 20ft container sitting at a container dock or at a yard. Well, yes you would be right to think that as that is more or less right – shipping containers are for storage and transportation purposes and for shipping goods all over the world. But did you know that you can do a lot more with shipping containers than you may think. For example did you know that you can convert a shipping container into a home, a swimming pool or an office? Chances are you may not of but containers can be converted for these purposes.

There are some amazing shipping container designs out there and they are truly awesome. Some of the best we have ever seen and heard of are a shipping container skyscraper design and a Starbucks Coffee drive-thru made out shipping containers. It’s incredible to think of an architecture design idea that involves using shipping containers as a skyscraper. And as mentioned previously shipping container homes are a real possibily for anyone; of course providing you do it properly. There are some really amazing shipping container homes out there and some have even been featured on television. Either 10ft shipping containers, 20ft shipping containers or 40ft shipping containers can be used for your container home but the choice is entirely yours. The shipping container really is a diverse product that can be used for many creative and inspiring projects.

shipping container home

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