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Shipping container homes – living with a container

colorful metal bulding made from shipping containers

Shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular around the world and for good reasons…

Container homes are totally bespoke and customised container conversions that are designed to be used as a unique living space. There are many amazing examples of bespoke container homes out there from luxury container homes, shipping container flats and even shipping container hotels. The shipping container can certainly be used then for many unique and remarkable purposes and containers home are one of them. Here are some of many reasons why shipping containers may be the perfect way for you to create your new and modern home:

  • Shipping containers are affordable and can cost as little as approximately £950 per unit (depending on the market rate and location). You then have the main framework for your home for less than £1000 which generally comes to less than buying a standard home anywhere else.
  • You can have as many containers as possible, depending on how big your want your home, and you can always sell some of the containers to keep control of your home and expenses. (You can also stack shipping containers so that you can have more than one level etc).
  • Shipping containers be transported and shipped anywhere worldwide – you would need a valid CSC plate for container shipping. Your container home can be reasonably mobile then!
  • More or less unlimited creativity – there isn’t much you can’t do with shipping containers. You can paint them any colour you like, stack them, move them, cut as many holes or windows on the side of them as you like or have open side access and canopies. You can stack containers on top of each other, next to each other and position them anywhere – so time to get your creative head on!
  • Shipping containers are very strong and durable and are naturally wind and watertight meaning that your container home will be weatherproof and durable as a living space. Containers travel overseas all over the world and are built to withstand various weather conditions.

If someone told you that they planned on living within a shipping container what you think of that? Most people would probably think that they were crazy- why would you want to have a container home? You may be surprised to know that there are a lot of benefits and qualities to shipping container homes as seen above and you may consider looking at a container home now. Container homes have great benefits one of them being the depth you can go to customize your container home – so maybe for your next home you can look at shipping containers.

Examples of various shipping container homes and living spaces:

shipping container home shipping container homes Shipping container homes

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