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Meet the gold shipping containers that allow people to converse with one another


The shipping containers used to allow people to communicate across the globe

Some Ideas for shipping containers are truly remarkable. Examples of this are the hydroponic shipping container farms that allow crops to grow In empty shipping containers and the Humanihut pop up shipping containers that provides shelter and housing for those In need fleeing natural disasters, violence or persecution. More and more are shipping containers being used for an array of diverse and creative projects and this one certainly proves that.

Meet the International exhibit that features shipping containers, that are sprayed gold, that are fitted with audio and visual technology that allows people to converse from one part of the globe to another. The project allows people from different parts of the world to discuss Ideas and communicate with one another. This Isn’t the first time a shipping container portal has been set up like this, there was one back In 2014 that was set up between New York and Tehran for people to communicate and there has also been others In various cities such as Cuba and Rwanda. The organisation that runs the gold shipping containers Is ‘Shared Studios’ and the project Is a public global arts Initiative. Each user Is matched face to face with another user of the shipping container portal somewhere around the world. There are shipping container portals In various places around the globe and allows people to discuss an array of topics such as politics, economics and culture.

Certainly then then we are seeing many creative and useful ways that shipping containers are being used around the world. What Ideas do you have for shipping containers?

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