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Keeping your Shipping Container safe and secure


The best practices to keeping your shipping container and products safe and secure

Shipping containers themselves are on of the most secure and safe storage and transportation products in the world. They are made from corten steel and offer some of the best protection to the interior goods than anything else out there. That is why shipping containers are used in all aspects of commercial, civil and military services. Shipping containers are always used by the military to store and transport weapons and ammunition to war zones. They are used to store highly confidential products and are used by emergency services as training tools. The container really is a highly secure and well regarded product!

But as with anything you can always do more to add extra security, though with shipping containers there is enough security anyway.

High Security Lock Boxes

The Container Lock Box is a strong, metal box that is placed over the top of container padlocks, providing extra security to your container by concealing the padlock. It is kind of a dome, or a shield of armour, that covers and protects the locking bar area of the container and the padlock. They are perfect for adding additional security to your container.


The lock box is a secure metal cover that protects the padlock offering additional security to your shipping container.

Shipping Container Padlocks

Specially designed for shipping containers these high security padlocks are perfect for locking your container doors to keep the interior safe and secure. They are incredibly strong and come in various shapes and sizes – the main point is that that are excellent security add ons to your shipping container.


A high security padlock on top of a lock box – the two together are the perfect security combination for all shipping container owners.

Grafo Therm and Absorbo Poles

Grafo-Therm is a product that is used to prevent moisture building on the roof of the container. The product is applied to the roof of the unit & simply left.  Many customers find this method to be a cost effective, long term solution when condensation is a problem.

AbsorPoles are an easy to use method for preventing condensation in your container. The pole is designed to hang within the corrugated recess of the container wall. Its flush fitting means minimal space is occupied and accidental damage from forklifts during stuffing and un-stuffing is avoided. AbsorPoles are based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air.


Although not actually a shipping container accessory you can also provide additional security to your shipping container by fitting security camera’s nearby and fitting the container and/ or the area with security alarms. Shipping containers are of the most secure and safe products in the world hence why militaries and governments use them all of the time – they are a great product that will answer all of your storage and transportation needs.

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