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Planning an Event? Think Inside the Box!

Converting shipping containers into spaces for living, working and playing is a new and exciting trend which just seems to keep gaining more traction. From homes to offices, it seems like almost month sees another creative way to make the most out of the humble shipping container. The newest innovation comes from Dubai, in the form of the Dubai Shopping Festival – an upcoming event which sees shops, restaurants and entertainers using shipping containers to create pop up venues ready to share their wares with the shoppers of Dubai.

Shipping containers are absolutely perfect for this kind of event because they allow businesses to create spaces which are not only temporary, but also smartly customised to reflect the style of the company involved. Independent brands and offbeat retailers are given a space with which to really show the public what they stand for. Fashion and lifestyle brands take centre stage, decorating their individual shipping containers with strings of lights, bright colours and plenty of their ultra fashionable goods.

The festival puts an emphasis on sustainable industry, so using repurposed shipping containers to create their temporary shops and restaurants is a great way for organisers to demonstrate just how versatile and creative the world of environmentally friendly business can be. They have suggested that “innovative events like Market OTB will put the spotlight on responsible use of natural resources and environmentally-conscious operations that will shape a greener community in the future,” and the use of shipping containers is a crucial part of their mission to go green.

The ultimate result is a calm and approachable marketplace, and with live entertainers, an outdoor cinema and even a temporary skate ramp to tempt in the city’s growing skate community there is plenty of room for visitors to relax as well as shop. Spaces which allow people to interact with the brands that just don’t exist within conventional retail spaces are always a welcome addition to any busy city, adding a diversity which is often hard to find on the conventional high street.

We hope that this unusual use for shipping containers finds its way to a high street, festival or market near you soon! We are very excited by the prospect of supplying our high quality shipping containers to anybody looking to create their own temporary space. Whether you want to create your own pop up market or D.I.Y cafe, or you’ve come up with yet another new and unusual to help the shipping container realise its potential, you can contact us on 0870 240 9405 or email and we’ll be happy to help!

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