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83 shipping containers lost at sea over the weekend


Rough seas off the coast of New South Wales has caused shipping containers to become lost at sea with debris scattering along coastal areas

Container ships are constantly at sea transporting the world’s supply of shipping containers from one location to another. There are literally hundreds of thousands of containers on our world’s oceans at any given moment and they are essentially for global trade as the majority of the world’s goods are shipped by via the ocean. Storms and treacherous weather conditions are always an issue for ships and can cause problems to container ships and shipping containers themselves – this can even result in cargo and containers being lost at sea which is exactly what happened this Friday off the Coast of Sydney.

On Friday 1st June 2018 the container ship YM Efficiency, travelling from Taiwan to Sydney at the time, encountered rough seas and unfortunately caused damage to the ship and also at least 80 shipping containers that the ship was carrying. The ship was hit by swells of up to 5 metres at approximately 30km off of the east coast of Australia and caused the shipping containers to quite literally slide into the ocean. As well as damage to the containers the weather conditions also caused cargo that had been contained inside the containers to escape causing sanitary products and nappies to wash up onto various beaches along the east coast of Australia.

Shipping containers being lost at sea and washing up on shore does unfortunately happen quite a lot due to extreme weather conditions that Mother Nature can throw at us – the main question is then is there really anything more that can be done to prevent this?  

You can see more about the containers lost at sea here.

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