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Hong Kong Shipping Container housing for those in need


Shipping containers will be utilised to house those in need in Hong Kong – a first of its kind project for the country

Shipping containers have been used for housing those in need across the UK, Europe and parts of America for that past few years and have been incredibly successful. Because of the shipping containers durability, cost-effectiveness and ease of transport they are ideal for temporary and also permanent housing solutions and have been used for such endeavors across the globe. The container is a truly diverse product and many great example can be seen everywhere of its many creative uses.

In Hong Kong a unique project is underway to help those in need to house up to 100 people who need it the most. The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, by a development project plan by a company called Henderson Land Development, is looking at using shipping containers to house the area’s most needy families and provide housing and shelter to them using the containers. The project is unique in that it is the first of its kind to go ahead in Hong Kong – the shipping container housing will be erected in the Sham Shui Po district of Hong Kong. The council even sent staff to Holland last year to view container homes and look forward to introducing the container home project in Hong Kong.

You can see more about the container housing project in Hong Kong here.

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