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The charitable organisation housing students using shipping containers

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Shipping containers are being used as student accommodation a project in the Netherlands

Welcome to TempoHousing, a brilliant initiative in the Netherlands that utilises shipping containers as living spaces for students whilst studying.

Shipping containers are beginning to be used as temporary living accommodation more in the United Kingdom but there are a number of existing examples in continental Europe. The most notable project is in Keetwonen in Amsterdam, a development by TempoHousing of 1,000 containers using exactly the same internal design layout as the ones we are proposing to use.

The shipping container accommodation complex is the largest student accommodation made using containers in the world. Tempohousing also has café, common area, laundry and more and is a cost effective solutions for students studying at university.

In particular students loved the fact that they have their own kitchen, bathroom and front door. They felt that being self-contained is far more desirable than a room in a shared house even though the floor space, at 26 sq m, is roughly the same as they would have if they were sharing.

This appears to be very attractive from a sustainability perspective. What could be more sustainable than reusing an existing shipping container and converting it into a modular transportable and reusable temporary housing unit?

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