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The shipping containers that are tackling homelessness

Tackling Homelessness

‘Help Bristol’s Homeless’ is a Social Enterprise that uses shipping containers to create homes and living spaces for the homeless and creates opportunities for those in need

Shipping containers have been used for various projects such as for bars, restaurants, gyms and more. This particular use though is certainly incredible and makes such a positive difference to those in need. Help Bristol’s Homeless is a social enterprise that is committed to helping the homeless access secure accommodation. The social enterprise is committed to helping the homeless by supporting them to reach their full potential in life. The enterprise was founded by Jasper Thompson who aimed to do something to help tackle the problem of homeless – since the project has used shipping containers accommodation to do just this.

As well as using standard shipping containers as accommodation Mr Thompson has other plans to push his efforts to help tackle homelessness. He plans on building a ‘shipping container complex’ that will consist of a number of containers on one unit that can be used for accommodation. The complex has received a fantastic response and the enterprise is looking at possible locations for the container complex to be erected. Jasper plans on using 10 shipping containers for the project with 8 being used for accommodation and 2 being used as a laundry area and a canteen.

Help Bristol’s Homeless is a fantastic cause that really does make such a difference to help tackle homelessness. For more information about the social enterprise please feel free to head over to their website here: Help Bristol’s Homeless

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